Getting Started

Achieve3000 Literacy At Home Digital: Getting Started

Support for parents and educators getting started with Achieve3000 Literacy at Home Digital.

Join this live 30 minute webinar designed for parents and educators. Engage with our professional services team and get all of your questions answered as we partner with you during this difficult time.

Smarty Ants At Home: Getting Started

Get started with Smarty Ants! Learn early reading strategies and navigate the Smarty Ants software solution.

Join this live webinar designed for coaches, building leaders and teachers to support your virtual teaching plans!

There will be time for QA with one of our education experts!

Getting Started with Achieve3000 Literacy At Home Digital - Español, Los Padres


Getting Started with Achieve3000 Literacy

Join this live webinar and learn how to get started with your remote learning program and Achieve3000 Literacy. This 60 minute session is designed for educators and will include time for QA.

Get started with Achieve3000 Literacy!

Thought Leadership Webinars

Join experts, principals and superintendents as they discuss strategies for remote learning and share best practices.

Cultivating Reading Comprehension in a Virtual Learning Environment

Join Bobbi Bear, Director of Instructional Advocacy, as she shares 3 critical strategies for fueling grades 2-12 students’ comprehension and confidence as they grapple with remote learning reading assignments across the content areas.

This live webinar is appropriate for any educators or leaders!

On demand version coming soon!

Sustaining Students’ Social-Emotional Learning During Times of Change

While teachers and administrators face the challenges and impacts of COVID-19, we can’t forget the effect that these critical instructional shifts have on our students, as they, too, navigate new daily routines for life and learning.

Join us for a live conversation containing strategies for cultivating a sense of school and/or district community despite distancing, encouraging reflection and discussion, and virtually celebrating students’ success.

All educators are welcome to attend this 30 minute webinar beginning at 4 PM ET.

Building an Impactful Remote Learning Plan for Your Classroom, School, or District On-demand

Hear Marlboro Township School District's Superintendent Eric Hibbs and Director of Curriculum Michael discuss their successful remote learning plan that ensures consistent, effective instruction for students during mandated closures. Learn how this district is:
• using teacher web pages and a learning management system to deliver instruction and assignments
• providing dedicated hours for online access to teachers to support students’ questions and instructional needs
• effectively utilizing a variety of different tools and resources to engage students and drive learning.

Teacher Support Webinars & Office Hours

Achieve3000 is here to support you as you navigate the remote learning challenges in this new era. Please join a webinar hosted by one of our remote instructional experts to ensure as smooth and successful transition to remote teaching and learning.

Achieve3000 Literacy: The Transition from School to Home

How can we support students’ literacy engagement and growth as we make the critical shift from brick and mortar to virtual classrooms? Join the Achieve3000 advocacy team to learn about literacy-building options from printable packets to rich text experiences that fuel comprehension and online discussions for K-12 teachers and administrators whose school or district are not current Achieve3000 users.

Facilitation Techniques for Remote Learning

10 quick tips and tricks to use your Remote Learning time effectively.

Join this live 30 minute webinar session and have time to ask your questions and learn from our experts.

Using Achieve3000 Lessons with Google Classroom

We are here to support your virtual teaching during this difficult time.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn how to incorporate Achieve3000 lessons in Google Classroom to support your remote learning instruction.

Join this live webinar to learn from our professional services team!

We will have time for QA during this session.

Office Hours for Teachers and Coaches

Connect with an Achieve3000 expert! Bring your questions.

Join this live 30 minute session for educators, ask your questions and hear from our professional services experts!

Strategies for Student Literacy Success: How to Help Your Struggling Students

This webinar is the second in our customer-exclusive series led by Dr. Doug Fisher.

Each session highlights Dr. Fisher’s best strategies to address a specific pain point in an open, candid forum with educators, and this session will be all about helping those students who struggle to complete tasks in your classroom.

Join this live discussion on April 7 and hear from one of our favorite education leaders, Dr. Fisher!

Remote Learning with Achieve3000

Learn ways to use Achieve3000 in a Remote learning environment.

Join this live 30 minute webinar and learn from the professional services team, this is a great time to get your questions answered and hear from others in the same situation.

Parent and Student Support

Office Hours for Parents

Connect with an Achieve3000 expert! Bring your questions.

Join this live 30 minute session for parents, ask your questions and hear from our professional services experts!

Student Office Hours

Connect with an Achieve3000 expert! Bring your questions.

Join this live 30 minute session for students, ask your questions and get the support you need!